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Title IV funding is available to eligible applicants:

In-house financing is available as well to those who qualify.

To estimate your tuition, expenses, and financial aid, use our 

Download our Course Catalog 

Barber is 1000 hours at $12.50 = 12,500.00

The Academy requires that the student pay the non-refundable registration fee, permit fee, fee for books and kit, as well as 10% of tuition as a down payment. The whole down payment is non-refundable. A payment plan will be established upon enrollment. Failure to make payments may result in disciplinary action or withdrawal. Hours completed will not be released until monies owed to the Academy are paid in full, or an agreement is made with the Owner.

The Academy accepts cash and checks only.

Scholarship and Fee Waivers

The Academy does not offer Scholarships but does offer Fee Waivers.

Fee Waivers may be granted only by the School President and are documented on the Fee Waiver form.

Click the tuition calculator link below to download and open,

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